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26/28 – 28/30 – 30/32 – 32/34 – 34/36 Another name for hazelnut pistachio is Ouhadi pistachio. The reason for naming it with this name also goes back to a person named Mehdi Ouhadi. He identified and selected hazelnut pistachios between 1320 and 1330 in Fatehabad village of Rafsanjan. The hazelnut pistachio tree grows to a height of about 3 meters and has a medium growth and a wide crown. Flowering time of hazelnut pistachio is from the 13th of Farvardin to the 20th of Farvardin and in this respect it is in the category of average flowering pistachio cultivars. The ripening time of the fruit is 12 September. Hazelnut pistachio is harvested in the first decade of September. The skin color of hazelnut pistachio is also light cream.


20/22 – 22/24 – 24/26 Koleghoochi pistachio is one of the most famous types of pistachios in Iran. The large hazelnut-shaped kernel and its good fruit have caused the spread and popularity of Koleghoochi pistachio. Although Koleghoochi pistachio is one of the early cultivars, it is not one of the early cultivars; And is placed in the row of late digits. Flowering begins on April 7 and ends on April 12. Koleghoochi pistachio pod is one of the early flowering cultivars, it is more at risk of spring cold. The harvest time of Koleghoochi pistachio is the second decade of September. Unlike hazelnut pistachios, the size of Koleghoochi pistachios is larger. All kinds of pistachios can be found in sizes of 20 to 26 ounces