Iran Int Foodex 2024

Exhibition of dry fruits, medicinal plants and saffron is one of Tehran’s international exhibitions. This exhibition is held every year in Tehran with the active presence of exporters, producers and experts in this field, which generally includes all activists, producers and union managers. Dried fruits, saffron, dates, medicinal plants and other related products are present in this big exhibition
Zarin Tejarat Company has the honor of participating in this international exhibition Iran Infodex 2024.


Objectives of the International Exhibition of Nuts, Medicinal Plants, Dried Fruits and Related Industries of Iran


  • Manufacturer and distributor of nuts and dried fruits
  • Dry packing units
  • Units for peeling, roasting and pasteurizing dried fruits
  • Grading, cutting and powdering units for dry goods
  • Dried fruits and vegetables
  • Barberry and jujube
  • Saffron

Why is the 7th Iran Int Foodex 2024 International Exhibition held with us?

  • Information exhibition

We have the latest information about date, time, venue, previous courses and everything else.

  • Choose a comfortable booth

To ensure you have a stress-free trip and a successful business event, we will select the booth you can, reserve the booth for you, design, build and decorate your booth, and provide professional manpower. We provide you with

  • Customized travel services

We will provide you with all the services you need and want in your trip (including accommodation, transportation, translator, airport CIP services, visa issuance notification, etc.) according to your standards in the first notification.

The importance of choosing a booth at the 7th International Exhibition of Iran Intfoodex 2024

You can better display your products by designing and building an exhibition stand in the exhibition of nuts, medicinal plants, dry fruits and related industries of Iran. In addition to participating in the exhibition, success in the Iran Int Foodex Tehran exhibition requires having a professional booth to display goods.